10 Adventures When Traveling to New Zealand

New Zealand is full of fun and adventures, be it the astounding landscapes, the mesmerizing fjords, the serene beaches, or the alluring deserts. You are spoilt for choice, and it can be overwhelming to decide how and where to spend your time. For the adventure-minded, we have compiled a list of 10 adventurous things to go for in New Zealand.

1.Swim with Dolphins

Kaikoura is a small town that lies on the South Island of New Zealand; here, you can live your childhood dream of swimming with the dolphins. You are taken by a boat to the sea, and before long, you come across a swarm of these majestic creatures. Put on your diving equipment and take the plunge. If you imitate their moves while swimming, they might come closer to scan you. They twirl around you, and if happy, they express it by jumping out of the water.

2.Scale a Volcanic Island

Take a ferry to Rangitoto Island, a 600-year volcano that erupted from the sea. Famous for its birds and beautiful landscape, the island is void of humans and has an enthralling summit route for climbing. You can catch the most spectacular view of Auckland and surrounding islands from atop this volcano. You can also reach Rangitoto Island using a kayak in the evening to catch the sunset from atop.

3.Bungy Jumping

For the most daring and adventurous, nothing is as thrilling as bungy jumping. And where best to try it than the birthplace of Bungy, Queenstown. The most exciting experience, however, is provided by Nevis Bungy Jump, where you are placed in the mid of the Nevis Valley using a cable car. From here, you can take a 134 m plunge and rush towards the raging waters of the Nevis River. The adrenaline rush will be yours to remember forever.

4.White Water Rafting

You can go white water rafting in North as well as South Island. There are grade 1 to grade 5 rivers with grade 1 rivers being calm and grade 5 waters being quite aggressive. You will be provided with trained guides as well as all rafting equipment; the rafting trips can last from a few hours to a few days. One of the most popular places to go rafting is across the Tongariro River with breathtaking views of volcanos, valleys, and wildlife along the way.

5.Sailing Across the Bay of Islands

Set sail across the lush and luxurious Bay of Islands using a boat, and you can witness a myriad of landscapes along the way, including serene beaches, uninhabited islands, and isolated coves. You can also witness history as you pass by significant historical sites. Have fun watching dolphins, seals, penguins, and other exotic creatures along the way.

6.Stride Across Volcanic Cone in Auckland

Take a walk atop the steepest volcanic cone, Mount Eden, in Auckland. The hollow 50 m crater is holy, and you are advised not to walk on it and admire the beauty from afar. Here, you also get to witness the remains of prehistoric Maori village, and while scaling down, do not miss the serene oasis of Eden Gardens.

7.Horse Riding in Coromandel

Coromandel farm stays are hugely popular and offer a unique experience of New Zealand. The South Island’s Coromandel point is full of uninhabited beaches and peaks. You can make a farm stay and go horse riding to explore the summits, highlands, the rivers as well as the farm life. This is an exclusive experience where you get to live amid nature.

8.Milford Sound Cruising

Dubbed as the world’s eighth wonder, Milford Sound is one of the top travel destinations. This picturesque fjord attracts visitors with its fascinating landscape and serene waters. Consider taking a boat ride to soak in the beauty of the waterfalls, high sea cliffs, as well as the majestic aquatic life, including dolphins and penguins. This cruise is simply unmissable if you are a nature lover.

9.Fox Glacier Trekking

Also known as Te Moeka o Tuawe, Fox Glacier is considered the swiftest and leisureliest of treks. It is quite an experience for anyone wishing to snow trek. It is the longest of all glaciers across the West Coast. Ample warm and waterproof clothing is provided along with boots and other trekking gear. You can take a walk across the route, or do ice-climbing and can even go heli-hiking.

10.Paragliding in Queenstown

You can take the Skyline gondola to arrive at the peak of the mountain and enjoy the most thrilling experience you ever had in the sky as you fly 2000 ft above the settlement of Queenstown. It is a 15-minute trip that bounces you up and down and back and forth for a while before you start to descend. You will be surprised at the moves you can make mid-flight.

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Is It Safe To Travel In New Zealand?

How to Keep Safe in New Zealand

New Zealand is a refuge for travelers– even if you’re traveling solo, as well as even as a solo female tourist. There is a reasonably low crime rate and also the health care system is exceptional.

Take typical safety measures like you would certainly in your home, like looking after your cellular phone and also your individual belongings at any times. Make duplicates of your crucial records, like your ticket. Forward your schedule along to enjoyed ones so they’ll understand where you are.

In general, you’re not likely to come across anything troublesome right in NZ.

Constantly trust your gut impulse. If a cabby seems questionable, stop the taxi as well as get out. If your resort is seedier than you assumed, leave there. If that vehicle driver choosing you up seems unusual, don’t enter the automobile!

If you don’t do it in your home, don’t do it when you remain in New Zealand. Follow that guideline and you’ll be fine.

The most important piece of advice I can offer is to purchase excellent traveling insurance coverage. Traveling insurance policy will certainly protect you against health problem, injury, theft, as well as cancellations. It’s comprehensive security in situation anything goes wrong. I never take place a journey without it as I have actually needed to use it lot of times in the past. You can use the widget below to locate the plan right for you:

New Zealand Travel Overview: The Very Best Booking Resources.

Below are my favorite firms to use when I travel to New Zealand. They are included right here since they regularly turn up the very best bargains, use first-rate client service as well as fantastic service, as well as generally, are far better than their rivals. They are constantly my starting point when I require to book a flight, hotel, trip, train, or conference individuals!

Momondo— This is my favorite trip online search engine due to the fact that they browse such a wide variety of websites and also airline companies. I never ever schedule a flight without checking below first.
Skyscanner— Skyscanner is one more terrific flight search engline which searches a lot of different airlines, consisting of much of the budget service providers that larger sites miss. While I constantly start with Momondo, I use this website too as a way to compare costs.
Airbnb— Airbnb is a wonderful holiday accommodation option for getting in touch with house owners that lease their houses or homes. The big cities have lots of listings! (If you’re brand-new to Airbnb, get $35 off your very first stay!).
Hostelworld– This is the very best hostel lodging website around, with the biggest supply, ideal search user interface, and also widest accessibility.
Intrepid Travel— If you intend to do a group trip around New Zealand, select Intrepid Traveling. They supply great tiny group trips that make use of regional drivers and leave a little ecological impact. If you go on an excursion with any individual, choose them. And, as a reader of this website, you’ll obtain exclusive discount rates when you click the link!
STA Travel— An excellent business for those under 30 or for trainees, STA Travel provides discounted plane tickets in addition to travel passes that aid you minimize attractions.
Rome 2 Rio— This website allows you to see just how to get from factor A to point B the best and also cheapest method feasible. Simply enter your separation as well as arrival destinations and it will certainly provide you all the bus, train, aircraft, or boat paths that can obtain you there as well as how much they cost. One of the very best transportation internet site available!
Couchsurfing— This web site enables you to remain on people’s sofas or extra areas absolutely free. It’s a wonderful way to conserve money while satisfying residents that can tell you the ins and also outs of their city. The site additionally notes occasions you can attend to fulfill people (even if you’re not remaining with someone).
bookme.co.nz— You’ll obtain some actually excellent eleventh hour bargains and discount rates on this web site! Just choose what area you’re taking a trip in, and also see what activities are on sale.
treatme.co.nz— The residents utilize this site to find discount rate resorts, dining establishments, and also trips. You can conserve as much as 50% off points like catamaran sailing lessons or three-course suppers.
World Nomads— I purchase all my traveling insurance from World Nomads. They have great customer care, affordable costs, as well as comprehensive protection. I’ve been utilizing them given that I began traveling in 2003. Do not leave home without it!

New Zealand Equipment and also Packaging Overview.
In this area, I’ll provide you my suggestion for the very best traveling knapsack and suggestions on what to load for your trip to New Zealand.